The Happy Home Parenting Course

Module One  – What You Seek Is Already Within You

  • Discover your innate confidence to parent your child
  • Learn why a loving home is not enough
  • Uncover the hidden challenge that is sabotaging your parenting
  • and much more….


“I am really thankful for having attending this parenting course. I didn’t know what to expect from this course. It has definitely been thought-provoking and interesting. I have already been sharing what I have learnt to my sister who has children. I have definitely learned more about myself and my children. I am now trying to listen more and be there with them in reality rather than being in the same room and being on the phone and pretend I’m listening. Giving my children a little quality time every day is definitely paying off.”

Maria, Ipswich

Module Two – Master Your Psychology


  • Discover how to remain calm whatever challenges your child brings 
  • Know how to instantly diffuse arguments
  • Gain a higher level of consciousness of Allah in your everyday parenting
  • and much more….

“Sister Amina is an engaging teacher who uses real examples and explains concepts in an easy to understand manner. I knew I was losing my temper too quickly and not being the best version of myself, but couldn’t work out how to remain calm. Having just started working with Amina, it is the beginning of a transformation to understand myself and my child. By looking past the behaviours to understand my child’s motivations and chain reactions, this has helped me to self-control and manage situations better.”

Farah, London

Module Three – Seeing Past Your Child’s Behaviour


  • Discover the natural state of our children
  • Understand why your child doesn’t listen to you
  • Uncover the no. 1 mistake Muslim Parents make that cause their child to go further astray
  • and much more….


“Thank you for this course. We have a more calm and positive atmosphere at home and not feel so stressed out all the time.  I’m more calm and understanding, I now listen to my children more and find out what has happened rather then saying who did that. I’ve noticed them to be more calm and gentle with each other. Also more love and affection between them as siblings.  I feel confident and I know I can do it now. I know myself a little better as well. I appreciate my children a lot more. I’m more calm and relaxed, I don’t shout as much and definitely notice my children are more happy. My sister and husband have noticed that I’m more positive and relaxed.”

Saima, Ipswich

Module Four –Understand Your Child’s Psychology


  • Discover why your child does not see what you see
  • Understand how our childhood experiences affect our parenting
  • Learn how to build your child’s self-esteem
  • and much more….

“It was such a relief to come across this course. It has helped me in so many ways. Alhamdullilah the Happy Home Parenting course has taught me a lot how to work on myself to be a better mother. I look forward to having a better connection with my children and to raise them in a better way inshaa Allah. Alhamdullilah its been such a great experience.”

Aishah, London

Module Five – Raising Pious Muslims

  • Discover how to raise Pious Muslims
  • Learn how to instill responsibility and accountability in our children
  • Know how to teach your child to love Allah (swt)
  • and much more….


“The sessions were invaluable and really mind-blowing. I realised that I had always put my needs, thoughts and feelings at the centered of dealing with my children and had placed unachievable expectations on them. Sister amina helped me at a time when I was stressed about every minute and insignificant detail. The strategies I learnt were life-changing because when implemented correctly, the weight literally fell from my shoulders. This course is a must for every parent. Not only does it help you, but it helps your children and family and ultimately, a happy home is a blessed one! “

Farah, Essex

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