Why Your Child is Not Naughty

“Have you been a naughty girl?”, the nurse said to my daughter as she spilled her cup of water on the hospital floor.

My 2-year old looked down in shame; even at that age, I could see that she understood the word ‘naughty’ as she shrunk from her bright, vibrant self, inwards. I felt compelled to say something.

The Ultimate Parent Trap

Are you spending as much time as you think you should with your children? My guess is that 99.9% of parents will say no.

This is because we fall into the Ultimate Parent Trap: I’ll spend time with you when….a whole list appears.

And when you’re finally ready, its BEDTIME!

How to get your child to listen

One of the biggest complaints that parents have is that their child does not listen to them. Not just that, we want them to listen without having to shout and we want them to listen to us out of respect and not fear (although we accept fear as a motivator if all else fails) 

Let’s take a look into your child’s mind when they are not listening to you.

About Coach Amina

Coach Amina is a mother of 5 and a Parent Coach, Published Author and Motivational Speaker.  Her approach to Parenting and Motherhood is based on the Quranic understanding of human psychology and emotional wellbeing.  After all, if we want to master ourselves, our relationships and our lives, who best to learn from other than the One who created us?  

Formerly trained as a Solicitor with her own legal practice, specialising in Islamic Wills, Amina decided to follow her passion, use her life experiences and train as a Coach.  She first trained as an Inside-Out Coach before undertaking her psychological studies from the Quran and Sunnah.

She now helps Muslim Women to overcome their struggles and challenges so that they can reach their highest potential, transform their homes into a Happy Home and raise their children as Happy, Pious and Productive children. Amina also trains Muslim Women as Coaches as part of her Coaching Academy.

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