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“When I came to Amina I was in a right state. Being on this journey has been as if someone has removed the blindfold of my eyes. I came from a place of so much pressure and trauma, I used to vomit to make self feel better.  When I would have a “bad day” that bad day would last (and I kid you not) for about 3 weeks. I was miserable. I had no connection with anyone. I hated my life. I used to have suicidal thoughts but I don’t think I’ve told people that before. I had a quite horrible ending to my marriage. It was the last 3 years of my marriage and things were just getting worse and worse. I reached 41kg and the doctors told me that if I lost any more weight,  my muscles would give up on me and I wouldn’t be mobile.

 It’s been a year since my divorce and I’m now 51 kg. I’ve stopped vomiting. I have a better relationship with my children now then EVER. Before I used to just always scream in their faces and hit them. But now there’s more understanding and bonding especially with my eldest. I’m able to smile and feel blessed. I’m able to cry from gratitude to Allah for giving me and my children a second chance in life.

The changes have been drastic for me. I’m so, so grateful to Amina for helping me find my way back.

Maryam, Dunstable


“The Happy Home Parenting sessions were invaluable and really mind-blowing. I realised that I had always put my needs, thoughts and feelings at the centre of dealing with my children and had placed unachievable expectations on them. Sister Amina helped me at a time when I was stressed about every minute and insignificant detail. The strategies I learnt were life-changing because when implemented correctly, the weight literally fell from my shoulders. This course is a must for every parent. Not only does it help you, but it helps your children and family and ultimately, a happy home is a blessed one!”

Farah, Essex


“My journey with sister Amina literally has been that missing link – the piece in the puzzle that as soon as it went in, gave me the complete picture without me needing to fix or mend myself. I was in a bad situation and had over the years turned to different healing modalities and got certified in them too. They didn’t give me the inner peace I was looking for so I began to see myself as flawed. I began to ‘feel’ more and more broken, soulless and to be honest, abandoned and alone. I was being told too that it’s through being broken that we ‘heal’ and when we accept that peace will come. But it simply doesn’t.

Because by trying to heal by accepting that you are broken can never fully heal you. I was going down a spiral of despair and I was losing my connection with Allah, even feeling abandoned by Allah. On my first meeting with Amina, I had a list of questions and even theories that I wanted to go over to help me heal. Sr Amina looked at me over our breakfast and simply said you can never be broken so you don’t need to heal. That was it – the missing piece! Things changed for me profoundly when this entered my consciousness. I didn’t need to do my long time line therapy and relive old memories!

With this realisation came liberation and the biggest takeaway for me was knowing who I actually was – Allah had created me as His Servant- this was a cloak of honour I had never appreciated until now. Understanding Islamic Psychology behind all this has been the cherry on the cake for me. Connecting to Allah through His Divine Attributes and knowing the power of asking Him through your duas is another gem! There is still so much more to say but i cant do it justice in this small window!” 

 Shahida, London


“I came on this course so that I could connect better with my son.  A year later, I have a deeper connection with Allah (swt), myself and my son. This just goes to show how much you take away when you embark on a journey with Sister Amina. She is an engaging, approachable and honest coach who will guide you through all the difficult alleys that you may struggle to navigate on your own.  I haven’t just learnt a lot in my time with Sr Amina, I have grown so, so much. Through my journey with Sr Amina, I went from really struggling to remain patient with my children to better understanding myself and my relationship with my son.  I am calmer, more intentional and more present. This course is so much more than a course; it’s a journey of growth and it has transformed my thinking, my parenting and my relationship with Allah swt.”

 Rocksanara, London


“The Connecting With Allah Course is an amazing eye-opener on how to live your life to your full potential. Motivational and Inspirational. I came away with self-belief that anything is possible with Allah’s permission. Its believing in yourself and taking action. Its given me an awakening on how to live my life through effort and having a deep connection with Allah (swt). To worship Allah knowing that He sees us; having now seen this at a deeper level has changed how I see life itself”.

Seema, London




“I am really thankful for having attending this parenting course. I didn’t know what to expect from this course. It has definitely been thought-provoking and interesting. I have already been sharing what I have learnt to my sister who has children. I have definitely learned more about myself and my children. I am now trying to listen more and be there with them in reality rather than being in the same room and being on the phone and pretend I’m listening. Giving my children a little quality time every day is definitely paying off.”

 Maria, Ipswich



“Sister Amina is an engaging teacher who uses real examples and explains concepts in an easy to understand manner. I knew I was losing my temper too quickly and not being the best version of myself, but couldn’t work out how to remain calm. Having just started working with Amina, it is the beginning of a transformation to understand myself and my child. By looking past the behaviours to understand my child’s motivations and chain reactions, this has helped me to self-control and manage situations better.”

 Farah, London




“The Ramadan Retreat was an amazing opportunity to get away and reconnect with one’s own self and to reconnect with Allah. To think that we limit ourselves in our own lives due to our thoughts is frightening but Amina talked us through how to free our minds of insignificant, irrelevant and damaging thoughts. The most wonderful thing was the connection with Allah when your mind was cleared and free from thoughts. Alhamdullilah”

Amina, Luton




“Thank you for this course. We have a more calm and positive atmosphere at home and not feel so stressed out all the time.  I’m more calm and understanding, I now listen to my children more and find out what has happened rather then saying who did that. I’ve noticed them to be more calm and gentle with each other. Also more love and affection between them as siblings.  I feel confident and I know I can do it now. I know myself a little better as well. I appreciate my children a lot more. I’m more calm and relaxed, I don’t shout as much and definitely notice my children are more happy. My sister and husband have noticed that I’m more positive and relaxed.”

Saima, Ipswich




“The Connecting With Allah (swt) Course was a truly unique and inspiring day! I felt cleansed when the barriers, fogginess and obstacles were stripped away leaving a pure and peaceful connection with Allah (swt). Alhamdullilah, the course has shown me that being present in the moment with Allah (swt) is all I need to achieve anything and everything. The day made me want to present the best version of myself to my Lord at all times but also made me realise that Allah (swt) is always available to me.  Learning how to tune in to that connection is a blessing that I will forever be grateful for and I cannot recommend this course highly enough…a life-changing experience that you will wish you’d had much, much before.” 

Farah, Essex




“The Connecting with Allah course helped me so much in understanding how to be close to Allah. It was a very deep spiritual experience to understand how to actually obtain taqwa, khushoo and ihsan. If you are flooded by your thoughts and feelings, I recommend that you join Sr Amina’s coaching programme.”

Shakira, Abbot’s Langley


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